HdV is a venture between the Hyde Family of Napa Valley and the de Villaine Family of Burgundy. The families, related by marriage, share long histories in French and Californian winemaking. In HdV, we have brought together our knowledge and experience for the purpose of creating single vineyard wines from the slopes of Hyde Vineyards.

Aubert de Villaine

Aubert de Villaine

Aubert de Villaine, married to the Hyde’s cousin Pamela F. de Villaine, is one of Burgundies most recognized individuals. As the proprietor of his own wine, A. & P. de Villaine, and as co-director of Domaine de la Romanée Conti, Aubert has spent his years carefully studying every nuance that might enhance his viticultural and enological practices.

Born and raised deep in the rich traditions of Frances greatest winemaking techniques, Aubert brings to the partnership the foundation upon which the venture bases its theories and practices. Though tradition and history may run heavily in his veins, his uncompromising desire to experiment and learn has brought him to the Napa Valley to work with his cousins.

Larry Hyde

Larry Hyde

Born in 1945 into one of the oldest farming families, Larry Hyde came to the Napa Valley more than 40 years ago with a great love of wine and the soil. Larry was raised in Woodside, CA, on his family’s five-acre property. Larry’s father used to take him to Visalia in California’s Central Valley, where the family owned cotton, melon and alfalfa fields, further fueling his love of agriculture. Larry first attended the University of California, Berkeley, before moving onto the University of California at Davis, to study chemistry. Larry got his first wine industry job as a vineyard worker at Ridge Vineyards in 1970. In 1977, Larry left his job as a cellar worker at Joseph Phelps to purchase and transform the Carneros soils into what is now known as Hyde Vineyards. Over four decades later, Hyde Vineyard has become renowned for the unique expression of its Carneros terroir.

Guillaume Boudet

Guillaume Boudet

Guillaume joined Hyde de Villaine as a harvest intern in the summer of 2013 and was promoted to Associate Winemaker in 2015. Guillaume works closely with Larry and Chris Hyde on all vineyard matters and reports to Aubert de Villaine on matters involving winemaking.

Born in Bordeaux and raised in Toulouse, France; his passion for wine was first initiated at a young age by his grandfather, who worked as a Cooper with many of the first growth Chateaus of Bordeaux. Guillaume earned his master’s degree in agricultural engineering, then pursued a degree in winemaking and viticulture from the University of Bordeaux while working for ultra-premium wineries in the Sonoma Coast and Bordeaux.

Guillaume believes strongly in terroir-driven winemaking, which emphasizes the many qualities of Hyde Vineyard, with minimal manipulation in the cellar.

HdV vineyard from above


Producing some of the most coveted grapes in Napa Valley, Hyde Vineyard has gained distinction for its single vineyard wines. In 2018, we diversified our vineyard portfolio and started sourcing grapes from exceptional vineyards in the Napa Valley. These select vineyard sites are all in the cooler regions of Napa, allowing us to maintain our winery’s philosophy of balance and preservation of terroir.


closeup of grape cluster on the vine

Covering sedimentary terraces, Hyde Vineyard is blessed with shallow loamy soils and ancient streambeds that work in conjunction with the cool Carneros climate and gentle winds to create moderate hydric stress within the vines. The condition of moderate stress encourages the vines to maximize their potential. The temperature moderating winds off the Pacific Ocean, which are channeled through the Petaluma Gap, are key in allowing for prolonged growing seasons. This extended growing season is vital to the completion of phenolic maturation, bringing both intensity and balance to the wines.


farming at HdVAt Hyde Vineyard, the vines tend to have minimal soil compaction, resulting in a healthy microbial ecosystem and a naturally balanced substructure for the vines. Sustainably farmed, our vines flourish under a naturally balanced environment that allows a certain amount of vine disease to occur. Though seemingly counterintuitive, the great producers of France have long understood that a certain amount of disease is not only natural, but provides assistance in stressing the vine into producing its finest wines. By avoiding chemical fertilizers and herbicides, a condition of biodiversity in the soil allows the vines to naturally repel most disease through the presence of beneficial organisms and bacteria.


closeup of grape cluster on the vine

We believe that the best and most respectful winemaking is done in the vineyard prior to harvest. Our winemaking team spends countless hours working year-round with the vines to ensure that only the best quality fruit arrives at the winery. Once harvested, our team becomes caretakers of the wine, never adhering to a style or recipe, but reacting to the characteristics of each vintage and block to ensure the true expression of the vineyard sings through the wines.

Winemaking at HdV Winery


Located minutes north of downtown Napa and nestled beside the Napa River, the Hyde de Villaine winery was built in 2003. The winery was designed and developed to accommodate every aspect of HdV’s winemaking philosophy of minimal intervention.